Monday, May 28, 2012

Our Memorial Day Weekend: What We Ate

This Memorial Day weekend could've just as easily been called "This weekend when I ate everything terrible for me in a span of three days"
I literally feel like a beached whale sitting on my couch right now. 
I hate running, but if I could muster the strength to get off the couch, I'd run like 5 miles as fast as possible, to try to burn some of this off.
Unfortunately my huge ankles are weighing me down. 

The last two pictures are of Bill and his map-I mean and me, in Wickenburg on Sunday.
We drove up planning to do some offroading, but never really did much because we didn't have GPS and are still getting the hang of off roading. It's kind of scary if you've never done it before!
Fun though.
We also had some awesomely fried and fattening Mexican food for lunch that day, and a huge dinner of gumbo and jambalaya the night before. I don't have pictures of that though.
So see?
It's even worse than what you see here!

Hope you all had a great, and slightly less fattening Memorial day weekend.

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