Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Weekend, Or Dear Channing Tatum: I Get It Now


As usual, no pictures of our amazing weekend were taken, but it was a great weekend none the less.
After a full day of cuddling with Jackson and teaching him how to use chop sticks, {which he picked up like a pro by the way} on Saturday, I spent a wonderful Saturday night with Mr. Becker, including a delicious dinner at Blue Burger in Chandler, and a homemade Pizookie {chocolate chip WALNUT, but who's into semantics?!} and a million and one laughs.
Then Sunday we made breakfast, and went to see 21 Jump Street, which was HILARIOUS.
I almost peed my pants laughing.
And as a side note, I have never considered myself one to like "pretty boys"- you know, Abercrombie and Fitch looking jock types, with the All-American bone structure and pale blue eyes that make any cheerleader drop her under-roos before you can say "Prom Queen", and therefor I have never thought Channing Tatum did much for me, and actually totally didn't understand the fascination with him. To be honest I thought he was kind of a shitty actor who just did sappy, low brow chick flicks like "Dear John" and I honestly considered myself "above" a crush on him.
But for some reason, after 21 Jump Street, ladies: I get it. 

Anyhow, after the movie Bill and I appropriately stuffed ourselves on some delicious BBQ, and ended our weekend together with a few kisses and several "I Love You's"
I'm telling you, he's just the sweetest.

It's been a relaxing and fun weekend, right before an awesome 4 day work week.
Thank you Good Friday, and Canadian bosses who give us literally every holiday possible off from work.
Except flag, why not flag day?!

Happy Sunday.


  1. I think that might be the funniest movie I've seen since Hangover part 1. Anything with Jonah Hill makes me laugh so hard!!

  2. And let's not forget Brie Larson...looking mighty fine!